Andrew Grima

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Andrew Grima was born in Rome in 1921; his family settled in England when he was five years old. After World War II, he went to work for his father-in-law who owned a jewellery manufacturing concern. In 1951, he took over the company. He was the first jeweller to win the Queen's Award for Export in 1966 and is the only jeweller to have won the Duke of Edinburgh Prize for Elegant Design. He has been awarded twelve Diamond International Awards and, in 1970, was appointed jeweller to Her Majesty the Queen. In 1971 he designed a collection of watches for Omega, the series entitled “About Time.” In 1966, he opened a shop on Jermyn Street as well as locations in Sydney and New York in 1970, Zurich in 1971, Tokyo in 1972, Lugano in 1987 and Gstaad in 1992. Upon Grima's retirement, all of the boutiques were closed. Andrew and Jojo Grima continue to design in Gstaad where they have their shop and atelier. Their work is also exhibited at Hancocks in the Burlington Arcade of London.

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