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Lola Demner opened her first shop in 1945 on the Spiegelgasse in Vienna, specialising in Art Deco and Victorian jewellery as well as furnishings by Josef Hoffmann. In 1964, her 17-year-old son, Henryk, entered the business and the name was changed to Demner & Demner. Unlike his mother, who preferred to sell jewellery of past eras, Henryk's talents were in designing. Within a short period of time, he began creating colourful, bold jewellery in animal forms, set in flexible mountings. In October 1987, Demner & Demner expanded to New York City, opening a shop at the Place des Antiquaires on 57th Street, and relocating to 740 Madison Avenue in 1990. In February 1992, Henryk Demner passed away. The firm is currently under the directorship of his mother, Lola, and her daughter-in-law, Eva.

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