Edmond Foret

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Edmond Foret was one of Cartier's principal designers in the early 20th century, when Paris was the centre of the world of jewellery and Cartier at the forefront of innovation in design and craftsmanship. During his tenure at Cartier, Foret was responsible for creating exceptional jewels for clients that included members of the Russian Court. When in the mid 1940's Foret began a scandalous and very public affair with Claude Durel, a model for Revillon and a married woman, the company transferred Monsieur Foret to their New York office. Madame Durel accompanied him and a decade later, they left New York for Buenos Aires. There, he independently produced highly unique pieces, capitalising on the glamour of the post war 1950's. Foret drew from Indian as well as Middle Eastern jewellery for inspiration. He also made quite a few pieces of “convertible” jewellery, which was fashionable in the 1950s. Treated diamonds began to appear in fine jewellery during this time and Foret exercised talent for pairing stones to produce unusual colour combinations. No design is complete without superb execution and it is Foret's design talents, combined with a technical understanding, that have left us the legacy of a truly gifted artist.

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