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Gazdar was founded in Bombay by Dinshah and Rusi Gazdar in 1933. The firm has always been associated with quality gemstones and natural pearls as well as finely crafted jewellery. They were appointed jewellers to a number of Princely Indian states such as Hyderabad, Nawanagar and Patiala. Permanently situated at the famous Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay, they were also frequented by Hollywood stars Alfred Hitchcock, Shirley Mclean, and Gregory Peck to name but a few.

Since the 1970s, Mr Dharmendra Kumar Gandhi worked closely with Dinshah Gazdar as his protégé and after his death, in 1991, took over the running of the business along with his son Ravin Gandhi. Father and son continue to employ the original Gazdar staff and have maintained the traditions of manufacturing creative and innovative jewellery which is as much in fashion today as it was seventy years ago.

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