Henri Husson

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Henri Husson, a French jeweller and silversmith, was born in Grand in 1852. Coming from a modest background, he first worked as a locksmith and a restorer of furniture, turning to jewellery design in the first decade of the twentieth century. He made silver flatware as well as jewellery in gold and silver decorated with enameling or, more rarely, set with precious gemstones. Husson developed his own style, combining elements from the Art Nouveau and Symbolist movements. His realistic three-dimensional designs are taken directly from plants he collected in the fields, often accented with life-like insects. In 1909, the Maison Hebrard featured his jewellery and goldsmith's work at their gallery, located in Paris on the rue Royale. Husson died in 1914. Two years later, Jacques Zoubaloff presented a collection of his work to the musee de Petit-Palais in Paris.

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