Jean Baptiste Vuillaume

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Perhaps the most influential figure in the world of 19th century violins, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume earned a successful reputation as a maker, inventor, connoisseur and dealer. Through his flourishing business Vuillaume established Paris as the center of the violin trade. His experimentation with wood fosters instruments with highly regarded tonal quality and high light and even varnish rivals the near perfection of the Cremonese masters.

Vuillaume was impassioned with French bow making techniques advanced by François Xavier Tourte. While he was never a bow maker, the bows he produced throughout the 19th century are considered to be as famous as his violins. He employed the best artistans of the craft, including Dominique Peccatte, Joseph Fonclause, François Nicolas Voirin, Jean Joseph Martin and Pierre Simon. Together they set the standard for the Parisian School that was to be unrivaled bow making artistry. Simone joined the Vuillaume workshop in 1840 and is known to have created most of JB Vuillaume’s presentation and specialty bows between 1840-57.

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