Margherita Burgener

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The designer Emanuela Burgener signs her creations in the name of Margherita, her eldest daughter, to whom her jewels are dedicated. The jewels of Margherita Burgener have evolved from the older practices of a traditional Italian jeweller to a trendsetting contemporary designer.

The firm Burgener was founded in Italy by Margherita's grandfather, Carlo, who began his career at the age of 11 as a jeweller's apprentice. In 1966 he established his own workshop based in Valenza and in the late '90s his children assumed control of the company.

A passion and love for aquamarine and other coloured gemstones, selected with the utmost care from all over the world, form the basis of Margherita Burgener's designs which are strikingly modern and fashionable yet retaining the noble traditions of classic Italian jewellery.

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