Marilyn Cooperman

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Marilyn Cooperman was born in Canada and emigrated at the age of 20 to New Zealand where she was in the fashion publishing business. In 1963, she moved to New York City, meeting Fred Leighton who, at the time, was located in Greenwich Village, and designed a line of resort wear for his apparel store. In the 1970s, she established Max and Marilyn which specialized in art deco-inspired clothing. She, then, reentered the world of publishing as fashion director of Seventeen, and editor of Simplicity and Vogue Patterns respectively. In 1987, she began an arrangement with Fred Leighton to design for this jewellery store on Madison Avenue, creating not only imaginative jewellery but also redesigning outdated pieces. In September of 1993, she launched her own company, Marilyn F. Cooperman, Inc.

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