Mary Kruming Douglas

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Mary Kruming Douglas began her jewellery designing career in 1956 at Tiffany & Co. In 1959, she became fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar and, several years later, at Vogue. She designed jewellery for Black, Starr & Gorman where her jewellery creations won three Diamond International awards. In 1961, Douglas began creating her own line of jewellery which was featured at Chez Ninon in New York City and, in 1966, at the Galleria D'Arte Robinson in Naples, Florida. In 1970, she opened the first Bulgari salon in New York at the Hotel Pierre, remaining as its president untill 1972. In 1979, she designed a special collection for the opening of the Gucci Galleria in New York City. Douglas has been honored by one-woman exhibitions in Naples, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Dallas and New York City.

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