Qin Feng

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Qin Feng, a native of Xinjiang, graduated from Shangdong Art Institute in 1985. He then spent time in Urumqi and Beijing first working in research and publishing, then as a professional artist. In 1996 Qin moved to Germany under the invitation by the city of Berlin to serve as curator for the Sino-German Cultural Exchange programme and to teach at Berlin University of Art, HDK. In 2007 Qin began teaching at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing; and in 2008 he became a research associate at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University. Qin Feng currently resides in Beijing.

Qin Feng manifests his physical energy in his paintings through powerful and uninhibited brushstrokes. Some relate Qin’s large scale formats to the expansiveness of the Xinjiang landscape where he grew up. In his paintings, Qin explores the concepts of and the interconnection between civilization and desire. Ink and calligraphy remain key elements in Qin’s art, in which he juggles his traditional Chinese upbringing and training, and his experience in America and Europe which introduced to him concepts such as abstract expressionism.  Through the process of constructing characters and symbols, Qin embodies his masculinity, his spirit, and his understanding of human existence.

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