Wenda Gu

Learn about WENDA GU (B. 1955), Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art artist,their past and upcoming works offered at auction at Christie's

Gu Wenda studied at the Shanghai School of Arts and Crafts and later received his master’s degree from China National Academy of Arts in 1981 under the tutelage of great modern painter Lu Yanshao. He taught at his alma mater after graduation until 1987. That same year Gu moved to the United States and since then he has held numerous teaching positions and affiliations with institutions such as the University of Minnesota and Cooper Union, and has dedicated his time to creating ink paintings, large scale installations, and other art and design related projects.

Gu began to work on his pseudo-Chinese script in the early 1980s partly to reflect his doubt of the function of language under an education system overwhelmed by propaganda. He wrote these large fake characters within surreal landscapes, preventing viewers from understanding the context of the calligraphy, even though part of the character may reflect familiar linguistic or cultural affiliations. Through these works, Gu attempts to explore the limitations and possibilities of language. In his latest project he instills his calligraphic art into town planning, manifesting his art in an actual livable landscape that resonates in the Chinese characters he creates.

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