William Goldberg

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William Goldberg began his career as a diamond merchant in New York. In 1973, he opened his own jewellery company as a De Beers sightholder. In 1988, he registered the motto The Magic is in the Make, which referred to Goldberg's preference to cutting down gems in order to achieve the perfect cut, where most would fear a loss of weight. The William Goldberg brand has been associated with some of the most renowned gemstones, notably the 137.02 ct D Flawless “Premier Rose”, the “Guinea Star”, an 89.01 ct D Flawless Shield and the rare 5.11 ct “”Red Shield”. William Goldberg also cut the 102.23 ct “Beluga”, the largest flawless oval diamond in history and a 75.51 ct D Internally Flawless Briolette. The company is famous for the patented Ashoka Cut, named after the enlightened 3rd century BC Indian ruler, King Ashoka. William Goldberg Co. also creates jewellery collections. William Goldberg passed away in 2003. His wife Lili, son Saul, daughter Eve and son-in-law Barry Berg now head the company. In 2006, the City of New York honored his memory by officially naming 48th Street at Fifth Avenue, “William Goldberg Way”.

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