Zheng Chongbin

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Zheng Chongbin was born in Shanghai and attended Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts to study Chinese Paintings, where he taught for four years after graduating in 1984. In 1989 he was awarded the First International Fellowship to further his training at the San Francisco Art Institute, acquiring his MFA in 1991. He currently resides in San Francisco with a studio in Shanghai.

Traditionally trained in Chinese painting, Zheng began to paint abstract works in the 1980s. His works are visually powerful and are manifestations of the physical strength of the artist in action. Influenced by the school of abstract expressionist painting, Zheng uses bold, gestural strokes to create abstract imagery that explores the interplay between black and white. His works are seemingly monochromatic but upon close inspection they embody a myriad of textures as a result of the interaction between ink, brush and paper, creating a sense of spatial dimension  through the layering ink and acrylic.

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