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Sang Mee Lee opened his first jewellery studio with the name ofYoung Jin Craft House in Seoul in 1984. In 2000, he launched his own jewellery brand Angevin. Sang Mee Lee has been designing and making jewellery since 1976. His talent and exquisite craftsmanship led to his recognition as a Master Jeweller by the Korean government in 2004. The jewellery of Angevin is characterised by a distinctive oriental sensitivity that touches upon nature, using techniques of graduating colour and pave-setting for coloured stones and melees. With an established reputation in Japan and Hong Kong, Angevin is now growing worldwide in Europe and America through renowed international jewellery shows.

Born in Nice (1928-2005),Arman was lured to Paris by the modish appeal of abstract painting and sculpture. In the early 60s, he adopted the novel approach of either molding together identical subjuect matter for his creations or indeed sawing into pieces the same objects and re-assembling them in startling juxtaposition.This was his trademark style.At the same time,Arman became drawn towards the concept of micro-sculpture and in this field he created a range of jewellery.

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