Binu Bhaskar

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Born in India in 1972, Binu Bhaskar is a rising artist who creates works that fuse photography and painting, as well as multimedia. Bhaskar completed a degree in English literature at Calicut University, Kerala in 1992. Soon after, he moved to Australia where he earned a Diploma in Illustrative Photography (Fine Arts) at the Photography Studies College, Melbourne.  He has had several solo shows in India and abroad, highlights of which include “Prints and Posters” in Dubai (2001), “Diksha” in Melbourne (2000) and Victoria (1999) and “Sculpting Science” in Baroda (1997). He had works in two major shows in February 2008; one a solo show called Di Stance at Travancore Art Gallery in New Delhi, which was presented by Bodhi, and the second a group show called Inner Vision at The Guild, New York, which was curated by Shubalakshmi Shukla and featured artists from India, Amsterdam, and Japan. 

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