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In 1903, Mario Buccellati began an apprenticeship in goldsmithing at Beltrami e Besnati in Milan, and in 1919 he opened his first shop there, in Via Santa Margherita. In the following years, the fame of Buccellati jewels began to attract the attention of royalty all over the world. In 1925 Mario Buccellati opened a boutique in the famous Via dei Condotti in Rome, followed in 1929 by one in Florence, in Via Tornabuoni, and it was in 1953 that a shop in New York opened. When Mario Buccellati died in 1965, the jewellery house went into the hands of his sons who each kept part of the responsibilities, continuing their father’s legacy by preserving all his ideas. Gianmaria and Federico each launched brands under their own names, maintaining the tradition of elegance of the Buccellati family. Nowadays the Italian house carries on creating their very distinctive jewellery in the respect of the family’s values and characteristics for impeccable execution and strong design, now under the supervision of Andrea Buccelatti, Gianmaria’s son, joined in 2015 by his daughter Lucrezia. In September 2019 Buccellati was acquired by Richemont.

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