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Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. It was his three grandsons, Louis, Pierre and Jacques, who were responsible for establishing the famous world-wide empire. Louis retained responsibility for the Paris branch, moving it to the rue de la Paix in 1899. Jacques took charge of the London operation in 1906, which had opened in 1902, eventually moving it to the current location on New Bond Street. Pierre established the New York branch in 1909, relocating it in 1917 to the current location at 653 Fifth Avenue. Branches were opened in Moscow and the Persian Gulf in 1910, followed by openings in Cannes and Monte Carlo. In 1964, following the death of Pierre, Cartier Paris, London and New York were sold by the family. Cartier Paris was purchased by two American investors. In 1972 Silver Match lighter owner Robert Hocq and a group of investors led by financier Joseph Kanoui purchased Cartier Paris, followed by Cartier London In 1974 and Cartier New York In 1976, reuniting the three original branches. The Cartier Collection was created in 1983, allowing Cartier to hold successful public exhibitions of vintage Cartier jewels, clocks and objects In museums around the world. Today, Cartier is part of the Richemont group, with more than 200 boutiques around the world.

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