Wallace Chan

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Wallace Chan was born into a very traditional cultural environment in China. Having completed rigorous training as a sculptor he enrolled in formal art courses. Even though Wallace advocates against the guidelines set by academia, the traditional principles of art constitute the foundation of his creative genius.

His next creative stage saw the birth of "Wallace Cut" sculpting techniques featuring medieval style cameos, intaglio carving and gem faceting. In this decadeWallace acquired fame for his exquisite work first in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany and then the rest of Europe.

Since 2001 Wallace has dedicated himself to the creation of jewels as art pieces. His profound knowledge of metallurgy and gemmology are now the vehicles through which he achieves a kaleidoscope of colours in his jewellery. No particular shape or mixture of metals is too much of a challenge for him. He is known to destroy completed pieces if they are not perfect in his eyes. Wallace has achieved international acclaim as a designer and exhibits at international jewellery fairs and museums around the world. His jewellery creations are eagerly sought after by jewellery connoisseurs in Europe Japan and Taiwan.

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