Chi-Ch'un Liao

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Born in Taichung in 1902, Liao first graduated from the Taipei Normal School in 1922. He proceeded to study at the Tokyo Fine Arts College and graduated in 1927, Liao returned to teach at Tainan. During that same year, Liao co-founded "Red-Island Association" and his painting was awarded at the first Taiwan Art Exhibition.  Later he continued showing at several Imperial Exhibitions and Provincial Art Exhibitions. In 1934 he co-founded "Taiyang Art Association”. In 1947 Liao was given a teaching position at the Taiwan Normal College (Now National Taiwan Normal University) till his retirement. He also founded his own studio at Taipei in 1954.  In 1957, the "Fifth Moon Association” was founded under his encouragement and support, which he later joined in 1962. From the 1960s, Liao had been invited as a visiting artist and held numerous exhibitions abroad. He held his last solo exhibition at the National Taiwan Arts Museum in 1970 before passing away due to lung cancer in 1973. That same year, the National Museum of History in Taipei held a solo exhibition of his works dedicated to him. In 2002, the National Palace Museum in Taipei held a grand memorial exhibition in celebration of his 100th birthday. Liao had devoted his whole life to painting and art education. His mastering of color use and fervent, articulate brush application created visual depth and illuminating clarity.

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