Li Huayi

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Li Huayi is a native of Shanghai. As a child Li was attracted to Chinese paintings and calligraphy and studied with Wang Jimei, the son of artist Wang Zhen. Later he studied under Shanghai school painter Zhang Chongren, who introduced him to the basics of Western art. During the Cultural Revolution Li worked as a propaganda artist for the Communist Party.  In reaction to this experience he decided to seek a new artistic language. In 1982 Li left China for San Francisco and enrolled in the San Francisco Academy of Art University where he obtained a master’s degree in 1984. He currently divides his time between China and California.

Li’s subject matter is primarily landscape with intricate details of trees and rocks set against an expressive splashed-ink background. His imagination is driven by his interest in Buddhism and the scenic landscapes he saw during his travels in China. Whilst inspired by Northern Song landscape paintings he continuously modernizes his style, for example through splashed ink and abstract expressionism. His works contrast meticulous (gongbi) and expressive (xieyi) brushwork within the same composition, embodying the elegance and subtlety of classical Chinese ink paintings with a splurge of light, space and energy unseen in the genre.

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