Kuo-sung Liu

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Liu Guosong, a native of Shandong, settled in Taiwan in 1949. Having begun his training in traditional Chinese painting at the age of 14, he shifted his studies to Western painting at age 20. After graduating from the National Taiwan Normal University, he founded Fifth Moon Group to promote Chinese contemporary art with a Western perspective. By 1961, Liu refocused his energies on the ink and brush genre, which allowed him to better express his traditional culture; he saw this as his life-mission and responsibility. Liu continued to create art to reflect his new theories, at the same time he wrote academic works to promote such theories. Liu has taught at numerous institutions around the world, including Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Ohio, Tainan National University of the Arts, and National Taiwan Normal University.

Considered to be the "father of Chinese modern ink" in Taiwan, Liu was awarded the Taipei National Art Prize in 2008 and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Chinese Arts and Culture from the Beijing Cultural Department in 2011. Liu has produced many notable series of works throughout his long artistic career. From techniques such as collage, ink rubbing, and steeping ink between two pieces of paper, Liu expresses both the unpredictability of ink and paper reacting with each other and his skill in mastering them, resulting in ethereal landscape paintings such as the Jiuzhaigou series and the Tibetan Suite series.

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