Lo Stendardo Pieter Di Cerchia Van Bloemen

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Pieter van Bloemen was the eldest of three artist brothers, along with Jan Frans (1662–1749) and Norbert (1670–1746). He was enrolled as a full master in the Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp in 1674 and, shortly afterwards, departed for Rome. Here he became an active member of the Schildersbent, the confraternity of Dutch and Flemish artists, who gave him his nickname ‘Standaart’ on account of the flags and standards he painted in his pictures of soldiers. His two brothers joined him in Rome and Jan Frans later became a frequent collaborator of Pieter’s, executing landscapes for which Pieter provided the figures. He remained in Rome for almost 20 years, but then returned home to his native Antwerp, where he died in 1720.

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