Ralph Esmerian

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The Esmerian family jewellery roots go back well into the nineteenth century. Paul Esmerian started the dynasty in Constantinople as a lapidary worker and then left for Paris in 1890 to join his uncle Margossian Esmerian. It was in Paris that this small Armenian colony controlled the coloured stone market at this time.

It was Paul's son Raphael who pioneered coloured stone cutting as we know it today and his collaboration with Pierre Cartier created some of the most important pieces of the Art Deco period. It was at this time that the business moved to New York. In 1976 Ralph Esmerian inherited the business from his father where he continues the legacy of fine gemstones. He also designs his own objects as well as dealing in exceptional jewellery from all periods. The office today is located at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

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