Rene Boivin

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René Boivin was born in February 1864 in Paris. An excellent designer and engraver, he began a career in the jewellery field at a young age. During the 1890s he purchased several workshops and established himself at rue St. Anastase. In 1893 he married Jeanne Poiret, sister of the famous couturier Jean Poiret. They worked together to create some of the most bold and daring fashions of the early 1900s. After Boivin’s death in 1917, Jeanne decided to assume control of the firm and established herself in the avenue de l’Opéra alongside her daughter Germaine Boivin, and designer Juliette Moutard . The three worked together for forty years, joined between 1921 and 1932 by Suzanne Belperron, creating such signature pieces as the Starfish (1936). Their jewels, inspired by animals and nature, became well-known. Upon Jeanne Boivin’s death in 1959, the house was taken over by Louis Girard. In April 1991, the company became part of the Asprey Group. The brand was recently purchased by a new company.

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