Willem Schellinks

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Born into a family of artists in Amsterdam, Schellinks was the son of a surveyor and the brother of Daniel (circa 1627–1701), who was also an artist. After finishing his studies with Karel Dujardin at the age of about twenty, he set off on a tour of France with Lambert Doomer, keeping a written diary as well as a sketchbook showing the places they visited. As well as a painter he was a keen poet and a selection of his poems were published in 1654. He embarked on another journey in 1661, this time an extensive Grand Tour encompassing most of Europe, including England, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, as companion to the wealthy ship-builder’s son Jacob Thierry. On this latter journey Schellinks was also occupied making panoramic views for the great Atlas planned by Laurens van der Hem, and once again he kept a written diary of his travels. He eventually returned to Amsterdam in 1665.

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