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Christofle, officially opened in Paris in 1830, was a partnership between Charles Christofle and his brother-in-law, Joseph Albert Bouilhet. In 1845, when Christofle expanded to include silversmithing, not solely jewellery, the store on 62 Rue d'Hauteville became one of the largest firms of its kind in Paris. Since then, Christofle would participate in all international expositions and supply fine table services to many royals and European heads of state. The firm expanded in the second half of the 19th century; boutiques opened inVienna, Milan, Berlin, Madrid, Geneva and Istanbul. Christofle outfitted restaurants, hotels, ocean liners and even luxury trains such as the Orient Express. Through the years, the firm has remained in family hands. In 1960, the Bouilhet-Christofle Museum opened to the public celebrating nearly 130 years of Christofle craftmanship. Located in the heart of the oldest Christofle factory in Saint-Denis, France, it displays a retrospective of silverware and contemporary pieces from the firm's colourful history. Currently, the firm has 74 international locations.

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