Herman Saftleven

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The son and brother of artists, Herman Saftleven was born in Rotterdam and probably studied with his father, Herman Saftleven the Elder (d. circa 1627) and elder brother Cornelis (1607–1681), although his early landscapes also show the influence of Pieter Molijn and Jan van Goyen. He moved to Utrecht in 1632, which remained his home for the rest of his life, and where he later served as Dean of the Guild of Saint Luke. He made a series of drawings of his adopted city, most notably of its churches, which he presented to the city as a memorial after many of its buildings were destroyed in a catastrophic storm in 1674. In his final years, he spent long periods at Vijverhof on the river Vecht, where he worked for Agnes Block drawing botanical specimens from her celebrated garden; his daughter Sara Saftleven (1645–1702) was also a flower painter. 

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