Wucius Wong

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Wucius Wong moved to Hong Kong from Guangzhou in 1946. Fond of literature and art, he started learning western painting on his own in 1956. Two years later, he practised Chinese painting under Lui Shou Kwan. From 1961 to 1965, Wong studied in the United States first at Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, then at Maryland Institute College of Art. Wong worked at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the City Museum and Art Gallery of Hong Kong (nowadays Hong Kong Museum of Art) and Hong Kong Polytechnic.

Throughout his life, Wong’s education and experiences have all been closely connected to both Chinese and Western cultures. His paintings integrate elements of Chinese classical paintings, Chinese and western literature, and western graphic design. He is fond of painting landscapes from a bird’s eye view, a perspective unknown of in the classical era. Although Wong always uses Chinese ink, he incorporates in his compositions geometric images and lines that intervene with the traditional rules of scale and distance. With meticulous brushwork and subtle treatment of light and, Wong creates modern and boundless natural sceneries. His artistic theme is “heaven, earth and man”, the core Confucian value. Wong hopes to express the interdependence of the various elements in the world and the idea of continuity in nature.  

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